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Tennis Court Supplies from Putnam Tennis

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CourtCare Basics

Power Roller
This roller is designed and built especially for private tennis courts and clubs. Easy to maneuver along fences and into tight corners, thanks to its articulated center swivel.
Each drum is 24 inches wide.
#AR-1C Cover for Power Roller
Larger models, brush-and-roller combinations, and used power rollers are available.

This revolutionary water-remover is easy enough for a child to use. Designed to work on any hard court, it actually rolls the water off the surface and absorbs small puddles (even low spots). With four Rollers, a foursome can roll the water off a soaking court in 5 minutes — or less! Nonabrasive, guaranteed not to damage your court’s surface. 24 inches wide.
Roll-Dri #RD-1
Refill #RD-F
Seamless refill #RD-2

Tape Sweeping Machine
Used and recommended by Putnam’s professional upkeep crews. It improves the appearance of a freshly-swept court, in half the time it would take to sweep lines with a broom (helps minimize delays for line sweeping during tournaments).
Line Master #5M3
Replacement brush #RB2
Replacement brush with springs #RB3

Brooms and Rakes

Court Brooms

Court Broom – A newly-designed 7-foot aluminum court broom, with a double set of 4-inch polypropylene bristles and a crossbar for added strength. Lightweight broom stores easily on fence hooks (included).
Deluxe Court Broom – Same features as our standard court broom (above),
with a straightedge/lute for leveling. (not shown)

Tape Sweeping Broom
A Standard tape sweeping broom like this should hang beside every Classic Green Fast-Dry or Red Clay tennis court. Old fashioned and effective, the bright blue polypropylene bristles are set at a slant especially for line brushing. 54” handle, 4-inch bristles.

More than an ordinary push broom, this professional quality broom is designed for pavements, but we have found it useful on all kinds of courts, especially artificial grass. Orange polypropylene fibers are fused into the heavy duty white polymer block into which a hardwood handle twists firmly and easily. As with all bristle brooms, this one should be hung rather than left resting on its bristles.

Aluminum Scarifying Rake
An all-aluminum scarifier-lute combination, designed specifically for scarifying, leveling, and removing loose granules. Sturdy enough to last for many seasons, yet lightweight enough to use all day. 30 inches wide.

Steel Rake
We sell these by the dozens to golf courses and landscape gardeners as they seem to work well for matted leaves, grass clippings and anything else that requires a gentle springy action. This flexible spring-steel rake is made especially for raking small stones from clay courts. 18 inches wide.

Tennis Groomer
An effortless way to remove leaves, sticks, pine needles, and other debris. Stores easily.

What you will need: Service and Materials
Fast-Dry and Red Clay Court
Service and Materials
Thorough professional reconditioning in the spring is essential for these classic courts. Reconditioning involves scarifying, scraping, dragging the court and the addition of 1–2 tons of new top material, followed by watering, rolling, brushing, re-laying tapes and a final application of calcium chloride. Weedkiller is applied as needed, particularly to the court’s perimeter. It usually takes our crews one very long day to bring an individual court into top playing condition.

We strongly recommend our weekly or biweekly brush and roll service which is scheduled in order to have your court in top playing shape at all times. Weekly maintenance can, of course, be done by the homeowner and, for that purpose, we offer, on pages 12 and 13, what we consider to be the very best equipment.

Materials are provided in bags with price breaks at the following quantities:
Putnam Green, Calcium Chloride, Red Ceramic Chips, Red Slate Cote, American Red Clay
Less than 1 ton, 1 to 9 tons, 10 to 19 tons, 20 to 30 tons
Weed Killer 1 gallon tin (dilutes to 3 gallons)

All-Weather Court
Service and Materials
We encourage professional Power-Washing at the beginning of each season. Tree sap, pine needles, bird droppings, and leaves can stain an All-Weather court. Left untreated, the surface can peel, creating slippery and unsafe footing. We use clear water under high pressure and it takes our team one full day to clean the court thoroughly and restore its fresh, even color.

Like the roof of a house, the court is always out in the weather and, because of this, All-Weather Courts eventually develop cracks. Cracks should be sealed and filled promptly to prevent further cracking. Repainting, as mentioned earlier, should expected every 3–4 years and resurfacing every 7–9 years.
For a club or school with an experienced maintenance staff we can provide Resurfacer, Texture Coat and Colorcoat in 55 gallon drums. The application of these substances requires skill and practice and is not recommended for homeowners.

White Line Paint 1 gallon tin
Crack Filler 5 gallon tin
Resurfacer 55 gallon drum
Texture Coat 55 gallon drum
Colorcoat 55 gallon drum

All-Weather courts need very little maintenance during the playing season, but, in addition to a leaf blower (not offered by Putnam), a good squeegee is essential. We recommend Roll-Dri, an innovative water-remover that is easy enough for a child to use. Designed to work on any hard court, it actually rolls the water off the surface and absorbs small puddles, even in low spots. (With 2 rollers, two people can roll the water off a soaking court in 10 minutes — or less) Nonabrasive, the Roll-Dri will not damage the court’s surface.
Roll-Dri #RD-1
Refill #RD-F
Seamless refill #RD-2

Artificial Grass Court
Service and Materials
Putnam Synthetic Grass and Green Velvet courts can be ready early in the season, soon after the ice and snow leave the court. Mechanical brooming is necessary to lift the follicles and redistribute the fine specialty sand filling. If more sand is needed, it is added at this time and algaecide is applied to protect the court along with salt to discourage the growth of moss.

The mechanical brooming is important after a winter, but homeowners will find the pushbroom (PB-2418 on page 13) ideal for occasionally lifting the “grass” fibers at the baseline. Since the amount of sand broomed into an artificial grass court affects both the appearance and the bounce, Putnam adjusts this to the preferences of the homeowner.

Weed Killer– Kills all types of grass and weeds, and prevents regrowth.
Concentrated: 1 gallon dilutes with water to make 3 gallons.

Algaecide to deter growth of moss and algae
#ALG-1 1 gallon tin
Bagged sand for court dressing
#OS-1 100 lb. bag
Bagged salt for application to control moss growth
#SLT-1 80 lb. bag

Paddle Tennis Court
Although many modern paddle tennis courts are now decked with aluminum, Putnam will repair and replace the decks, wires and structural elements of wood-decked courts.Home

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Services & Extras

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