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Tennis Court Supplies from Putnam Tennis

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Ball Machines

Tennis Tower

Our powerful, versatile, and remarkably quiet professional tennis ball machines outperform anything else on the court. Each has a 250-ball capacity, plus the convenience of a two-function wireless remote control. An easy-to-use control panel lets you set ball speed, trajectory, and ball-feed rate. The Professional Model can automatically shoot to two preset court positions.
Club Model #TT-1
Professional Model#TT-2
Cover for #TT-1 or #TT-2
50 ft. Power Cord for #TT-1 or #TT-2

Tennis Ball Retrievers

Ball Hopper Hi-Rise

For no-effort ball dispensing, this lightweight model puts the hopper at fingertip level. The design features flip-over for instant pickup, then flips back for immediate dispensing. Attached, snap-shut lid prevents spillage. 75-ball capacity.

Ball Hopper Pro

Preferred by tennis professionals, this model quickly retrieves balls with just fingertip pressure. Epoxy coating resists scratches. 85-ball capacity.

Court and Patio Benches

High-Density Polyurethane Bench
Extruded high-density polyurethane combines durability, long-lasting beauty, and super comfort. Ideal for private or public courts. Wide feet protect court surfaces. 5 feet long. Available in White or Dark Green.

Court and Patio Bench
Comfortable curved design, with arms.
Dark green. 4 feet long.

Umpire Chair
Magistrate Umpire Chair

This beautiful, multipurpose chair has dual wheels on each back leg, and its padded front feet swivel to adjust to uneven surfaces. Includes writing desk which attaches to armrest. Optional umbrella also available.

Tidi-Cooler Stand

This attractive, heavy-duty stand comes complete with a 5-gallon Igloo™ cooler, cup dispenser, and Tidi basket.

Tidi Court

This ultimate court-side organizer includes towel and drink holders, plus a tray for keys and glasses. Detachable, and easy-to-empty Tidi basket stores under the unit.
#TCB-1 (basket only)

Tidi Court accessories may be purchased separately.

Tennie Two-Step Cleaner

The easiest way we’ve found to keep carpets, paths,
and shoes clean. Just stand in the Tennie Two-Step, rock back and forth, and water forced through a rubber mat flushes the soles of your shoes.

Scrusher Cleaner

Simultaneously cleans bottoms and sides of all types
of court shoes. Strong frame, replaceable brushes.
Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Putnam Court Clock

Attractive, all-weather, battery-operated clock. Mounts to most fencing with included bracket. (AA-size battery not included.)


Penn Championship tennis balls are the choice for most players, almost all tournaments in the U.S., as well as for tennis camps and clubs. We can special order Penn’s new titanium ball for you as well as an old fashioned all-white tennis ball. Penn Championship tennis balls are packaged in cans of three, 24 cans to a case (72 balls).
Penn Balls Gross


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Services & Extras

Supplies: Extras
Supplies: Equipment
Supplies: CourtCare