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Court Surface Choices
Classic Green Fast-Dry Courts

The entirely natural and environmental choice because, from sub-base to top dressing, they are completely porous, not paved. This porous court is composed of natural gray-green stone and gypsum from the traditional best sources in the mountains of Virginia. It is the choice for anyone who requires a classic estate look. We also refer to this as a non-fatigue court because it is gently forgiving and easy on the knees. These courts need a weekly brush and roll, watering and an annual reconditioning.

Fast drying, comfort, and supreme playability are just a few of the advantages of clay-surface tennis courts. Amateurs and professionals alike have made Classic Green the player’s choice in clay-surface courts— you have to play it to appreciate its outstanding qualities.

Other Surface Choices

We offer a choice of surfaces: Classic Green Courts, the entirely natural choice; All-Weather Competition Courts to extend your playing season and Omni Courts which eliminate maintenance and offer superior shock absorption.Home

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